Brilliant Duo: Fast iPad Charger & USB C Cable Set Review

Brilliant Duo: Fast iPad Charger & USB C Cable Set Review

If you’re anything like us, always on the go and in need of a ⁣reliable fast charger for your iPad, then you’re in luck. We recently got our hands‌ on the Fast iPad Charger, ⁤a 2-pack ‍wall charger‍ plug adapter with a Type C USB C to C ‍cable cord⁤ measuring 6ft. Let ⁢us tell you, this charger is an absolute game-changer when it comes to quickly and‍ efficiently ‍charging your ⁢device. With features like⁢ PD 3.0 ​technology, MFi certification, ⁤and universal compatibility with various​ iPad models, this charger⁤ is a ‌must-have accessory ⁣for all iPad users. Join ‌us as we dive‌ deep ⁣into our first-hand experience with the Fast iPad‍ Charger and see ⁤if it lives⁣ up to the hype.

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The⁢ Fast iPad Charger set includes 2 Pack 20W USB C wall chargers and 2 Pack‌ 6FT Type C to Type C cables, designed⁤ for ‍fast ​charging your devices. The USB-C Power Delivery ‍technology ensures a stable voltage ‍and faster charging, allowing you to charge your​ iPad in just 30 ⁢minutes from 0% to more than 55%, 3 times faster than the original 5W charger. The MFi certified data sync cable supports 480Mbps data syncing for convenient charging and data ‍transfer on different‌ occasions, whether you are at ‌home, in the car, or at the office.

This ⁢charger set ⁣is universally⁤ compatible​ with various iPad models, ⁢including 2022/2021/2020/2018 iPad Pro 12.9‍ and iPad ⁤Pro 11, 2022 iPad Air⁢ 5,⁤ 2020 iPad Air ‌4, 2021 iPad Mini ⁤6. The intelligent ⁢chip inside the charger adjusts the power output based on⁣ the device’s needs, ensuring safety and preventing the battery from breaking. The high-quality iPad charger cord ‌with copper core ⁣wire provides faster charging ‌and⁤ data transmission speed. With 2 Pack of ​chargers and⁢ 2 Pack of cables included, you can ⁢charge ⁢your iPad conveniently at home, ‌in the office, or ⁣when traveling. Get‌ your ⁢Fast iPad‍ Charger set today and experience fast and efficient charging for your iPad devices.

Impressive Charging Speed and Efficiency

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We ​were thoroughly impressed with the charging⁢ speed and⁤ efficiency​ of this Fast iPad Charger. ‌With its 20W USB C fast ‌charger⁢ and 6ft USB C to C cable,​ we‍ experienced lightning-fast charging for our iPad Pro⁤ and other compatible devices.⁢ The built-in advanced USB-C ​PD3.0⁢ chip allowed for maximum power delivery while‍ ensuring a stable⁢ voltage, providing a safe and efficient charging‍ experience every time.​ The MFi certified data sync fast charging cable supported data ‌syncing at 480Mbps, ​making it versatile for various charging⁢ needs‍ whether⁤ at ⁣home, in the car, or on the go.

What​ stood⁤ out to us the most was the universal compatibility of ​this charger with a ⁣wide range of Apple‍ devices. From the latest iPad Pro models to the iPad Air and ⁣iPad⁤ Mini, this charger covers them all.‌ The 6ft length of ⁤the charging cable added convenience ​to our ⁢charging routine, allowing ‍for flexibility and ease of use in different settings. The safety assurance feature, ‍with ​its intelligent chip that ⁣adjusts power output​ based on ​the device’s needs,⁢ gave us peace ⁣of⁤ mind throughout ⁢the charging process. ‌This 2-pack charger ⁤set⁢ is definitely a must-have‍ for anyone looking⁣ for a fast​ and efficient charging solution for their Apple devices. Ready to experience fast charging‌ for your ‍iPad? Get yours now at ⁤Amazon! ‌ Click ‍here ‍to buy⁢ now!

Sturdy Construction ​and Durability

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When ‍it comes to the construction​ and durability of this Fast iPad‍ Charger set, ⁤we were thoroughly‌ impressed. The wall charger boasts a ⁢sturdy build with‍ over-voltage protection, ensuring a stable voltage output every‍ time we plugged it in. We felt​ confident ‍in its ability to ‍withstand daily use without any issues.

Additionally,⁤ the included 6ft⁢ Type C ‌to C cable is designed with high-quality materials, featuring a copper core wire that enables faster charging and data syncing.​ The⁢ tangle-free design ⁢of the cable adds to ​its durability, making it easy to use in various settings​ such​ as at home, in ‍the car, or during travel. Overall, the robust construction of the wall‌ charger and ⁣cable gives us ​peace ⁣of mind knowing that we⁣ can rely⁣ on this product for ​all⁣ our charging needs. Join us ⁢in experiencing⁣ the convenience and‌ reliability of this ⁣Fast iPad Charger set by getting⁣ your hands on it today! Click here to make your purchase: Fast iPad Charger Set

Excellent Value for Money

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This 20W USB C Fast Charger is a game-changer when it comes to ​charging ​your ‍iPad⁤ quickly and ​efficiently. ⁤With‌ built-in advanced USB-C PD3.0 technology, this charger‌ provides a⁣ stable voltage and over-voltage protection, ensuring​ a safe and fast charging experience. The MFi certified 6ft USB​ C to C‌ cable allows for data syncing ‌at 480​ Mbps, making it versatile for use at home, in ​the car, or ⁢at ⁣the office. The wide compatibility with various iPad⁢ models,⁣ including iPad Pro, iPad Air,⁤ and iPad Mini, makes ‌this charger⁣ a ‍must-have for any iPad user.

Not only ⁤does ‍this charger⁣ provide⁢ fast charging capabilities, but it also offers ‍with its 2-pack bundle‍ that includes 2 20W USB⁢ C wall chargers and 2 6ft USB C​ to ⁣C cables. The ⁢high-quality materials used in ⁣the construction ⁢of⁢ the cables ⁢ensure quick and efficient data transmission, while the‌ 6ft‌ length allows for added convenience and flexibility. With‍ intelligent chip technology that ⁤adjusts power output based on ‌the device’s ⁢needs, this⁣ charger is‍ not only efficient but also safe to use. Take advantage of this incredible deal‌ and upgrade your charging game ‍today! ‌

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Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

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Customer ​Reviews ⁣Analysis

After reading through various customer reviews,⁤ we have found some ⁤common⁤ themes and feedback regarding‌ the Fast iPad Charger and USB C Cable Set. ‌Here is‍ a detailed analysis:

Customer Review Summary
Just what‍ I needed ⁤long ​cords and fast‌ charging Positive feedback on the length of the ​cords and charging speed.
Great price ​for a great product… Praise for the affordability and ‍quality of the product.
They work perfectly! Satisfaction with the ‍product ‌performance.
Ordered in white but received black… Minor issue ⁣with incorrect color received, but ⁤still‍ satisfied with‍ functionality.
The chargers​ work⁢ great… Positive feedback on the ⁤charger functionality.
The cord and⁣ charging‌ block didn’t work… One customer ‍experienced a‌ faulty product.
Fast charge and two ⁣pkg was a plus. Appreciation for ⁣the fast charging feature and ‌value of the double pack.
Cords are a‌ little too long⁤ for ‍the car… Feedback on cord length⁢ being too long ‍for‍ certain‍ settings.

Overall, the majority ‍of ⁢customers were pleased with the Fast iPad ‌Charger and USB C Cable Set, citing fast charging speeds, excellent‍ functionality, and good value‍ for money. However, there were a few‌ issues reported, including receiving the wrong color and a ‌faulty product.⁣ Despite these setbacks, the product ​seems to have garnered​ mostly ⁢positive reviews from satisfied ‍customers.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons of Brilliant ⁣Duo: Fast iPad Charger & USB C Cable Set


1. Rapid Charging: The ⁤20W USB C fast ⁣charger can charge your ​iPad device 3 times faster than the original 5W charger,‌ reaching more than 55% charge in just 30 minutes.
2. ​Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various iPad models including 2022/2021/2020/2018 iPad ‌Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 11, as well‌ as iPad Air 5th/4th Generation⁤ and iPad Mini 6th Generation.
3. Safety Features: The charger has built-in intelligent ​Chip technology that⁣ adjusts power output based on the device’s needs to ⁤prevent⁤ overcharging and⁤ overheating.
4. Lengthy Cables: The 6ft USB C to USB ⁤C cables offer convenience and flexibility, allowing you to charge your device from a distance.
5. 2-Pack Set: You get 2 20W‍ USB C‌ wall chargers and 2 6ft USB C cables, providing you with a ⁢spare⁢ set ⁢for ⁢different locations.


1. ​Limited Compatibility: This charger set is not compatible ⁣with other iPad versions or‌ iPhone devices, limiting ⁢its ​use ⁢to‌ specific models.
2. No Lightning‍ Cable Included: The set does not come with‍ a ⁢Lightning cable, ⁤so you​ will need to purchase ‌one separately ​if ⁤you plan to‌ charge iPhone devices.


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Q: Can this fast iPad​ charger and USB⁣ C cable⁣ set be used ‍with other‍ devices besides iPads?
A: Yes, this 20W PD wall charger and USB C cable set can be used with other type C devices ⁢as well, not just iPads. However, ‌please ​note that ‍it⁢ may not‌ be compatible⁤ with all devices, so it’s recommended‍ to ⁤check the compatibility list provided in the product description.

Q: How fast is‍ the charging⁤ speed with this iPad charger?
A: The ⁤Blechmeki iPad charger can charge your⁣ iPad device from 0% to more than 55% in just 30 minutes, which is 3x faster ⁤than ⁢the original 5W ⁤charger. The PD 3.0 USB-C power delivery technology ensures fast charging while also providing safety assurance with its intelligent chip inside.

Q: Is the ⁢6ft USB C to USB C cable included with the⁢ charger of good quality?
A:​ Yes, the 6ft USB C to USB C cable included ‍in‍ this set is of high quality, with ⁢a copper​ core wire that enables faster charging and data syncing. The ​cable supports data ‌transmission⁣ speeds up to 480 ⁣mbps/s, making it convenient‌ for charging at home, in the car, or⁤ at the office.

Q: Can I ⁤get in ‌touch with customer ⁢service if I have any issues with ‍the product?
A: Absolutely! We offer⁣ 24-hour friendly customer‌ service, so feel free ​to ‍contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach out to us through your account by following ⁣these steps: Account Service → Order History → Contact Seller.

Q: ​Is‌ the MFi certified ⁣data sync fast ​charging cable compatible with all iPad models?
A: The MFi certified data​ sync​ fast charging cable is compatible with ⁤a wide⁢ range of iPad models, including the ‍iPad ​Pro ⁢12.9, ‌iPad Pro 11, iPad ⁤Air, and iPad Mini.‌ However, it is not compatible ⁢with all‍ iPad versions, so please refer to ⁤the compatibility ⁣list provided in the ⁢product description.

Q: Can I use the 20W USB C charger and⁣ the USB C​ cable separately?
A: Yes, you can use the‍ 20W ​USB C ⁣charger and‍ the USB C cable separately if needed. The set⁣ includes ​two ‍of each for added convenience,​ allowing you⁢ to have a ⁤spare charger or cable for different locations or⁣ devices.

Seize the Opportunity

And there ‌you‌ have it, our review‌ of‌ the brilliant ⁤duo – the Fast iPad Charger​ and ⁣USB C‍ Cable ‌Set. With its fast charging​ capabilities, wide compatibility, and safety‍ assurance, this product is‌ a must-have for all ⁣iPad users. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade⁣ your charging experience with this ⁣amazing set. ‍Click here to grab yours now and enjoy hassle-free ⁢charging: Get ‍your Fast​ iPad Charger & USB⁤ C‌ Cable Set now!

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