Eco-Friendly Thermal Paper Review: 3 1/8″ x 230′ (50 Rolls)

Eco-Friendly Thermal Paper Review: 3 1/8″ x 230′ (50 Rolls)

Welcome to⁣ our product review‌ blog! Today, we’re⁣ diving into our experience ⁣with the 3 1/8″ ⁢x 230′ Recycled ⁢BPA ​Free Thermal Paper, ​which comes in a pack of ⁢50 rolls. Made from 70% post-consumer content, this thermal ⁤paper ⁤is not only environmentally friendly but also ensures​ high-quality ‌printing results. With dimensions of 3 1/8″ width and 230 feet⁣ length, this thermal‌ paper is compatible with a wide range ‌of POS ‌thermal printers, making it a versatile choice for various business needs. Join us as we share our first-hand experience with this eco-friendly ‍and efficient ⁢thermal paper product!

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Our‍ 3⁣ 1/8″ x‌ 230′ Recycled BPA‍ Free Thermal Paper is an eco-friendly option for your ⁤printing ⁤needs. Made from 70% post-consumer content, this thermal paper is designed to reduce waste and environmental impact without ⁢compromising on quality. Each roll measures 3 1/8″⁢ in width and‍ 3″ in diameter, providing you with ⁣ample paper for your printing tasks.

This ‍pack contains 50 rolls, each shrink-wrapped in ‌packages⁣ of 5 for convenient storage and organization. The paper is compatible with a wide range of POS thermal printers, ensuring ⁤versatility⁤ and ease of use. Plus, with a red warning stripe at‌ the⁢ end of each roll, you’ll always know​ when it’s time to replace it. Upgrade to our recycled ‍thermal paper rolls today and make​ a sustainable choice for your business. Get ‍yours now!

Eco-Friendly and Safe Thermal Paper Option

Looking for an for your business? Look no further! Our ⁣3 1/8″ x 230′ recycled​ thermal paper is the perfect solution. Made from⁣ 70% ‍post-consumer content, this BPA-free paper is not only better for the environment ​but ⁤also safe for everyday⁤ use. With 50 rolls per case, you’ll have an‌ ample supply to keep‌ your operations ⁤running smoothly.

Each‍ roll features a core size of 7/16″⁤ and a ‍width‌ of 3 1/8 inches, with a length of 230 feet. The inner⁣ core diameter ⁢is 11mm and the ⁢outer core diameter is 22mm, providing a perfect⁣ fit for a ⁢variety of POS thermal printers. ⁤Plus, the red warning stripe at ‍the end of the paper lets you know ⁣when it’s time to replace the roll. Upgrade to our ⁤eco-friendly thermal paper today and enjoy a ⁣sustainable and reliable solution for your ⁤business needs. Don’t miss out, purchase now on ⁣Amazon!

Sustainability and Durability Combined

When it comes to⁣ sustainability ‍and durability, this ​thermal paper truly ⁤delivers. Made ‍from 70% post-consumer content, ⁤it’s a great eco-friendly‌ option‌ for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint without sacrificing quality. With a roll width of 3 ‌1/8 inches and a⁢ length of 230⁢ feet, ⁣each roll‍ provides ​ample paper⁢ for your printing needs. The inner core diameter of 7/16″ ensures a secure fit in your printer, while the outer core ⁤diameter of 7/8″ adds an extra layer of stability. Plus, the ⁤red warning stripe at ⁤the ‌end of each roll lets you know when it’s time for a replacement, preventing any unexpected⁣ interruptions in⁢ your ‌workflow.

Not only is this thermal paper environmentally friendly, but it’s also incredibly durable. ‌Compatible with a wide range ⁢of POS thermal printers, including models‍ from popular ⁣brands like⁤ Epson and Star Micronics, it’s ⁢designed to withstand ⁤the rigors of daily use. Shrink-wrapped in packages of 5 ⁢rolls per pack, this thermal paper is conveniently packaged for easy⁤ storage and organization.‌ Whether you’re ‌printing receipts,⁤ tickets, ‍or labels,‍ this thermal⁢ paper is up to the task. Upgrade to this sustainable and durable option today and experience the difference for yourself. ⁤ Check​ it out⁣ on Amazon.

Recommendations for Maximum Efficiency

When it comes to maximizing efficiency in your business, investing in high-quality thermal ​paper rolls is key. Our 3 1/8″‌ x 230′ recycled thermal paper⁢ rolls are made ‌from 70% post-consumer content, making ​them ⁢an ⁤eco-friendly choice without compromising on ⁣performance. With a core size of 7/16″ and a roll width of 3 1/8 inches, these thermal ‌paper rolls are⁣ compatible with a wide range of ⁣POS thermal printers, ‍including models ⁤like SRP-350, TM-T88, and more.

The shrink-wrapped packaging of 5‍ rolls per pack⁤ not only ensures easy storage and​ organization but also provides added protection to‍ keep your thermal paper rolls in pristine condition. The red warning stripe​ at ‍the end of each roll serves as a⁣ handy indicator to let you know⁣ when it’s time to replace the roll, preventing unnecessary interruptions to your operations. So, upgrade your POS system with⁢ our premium ⁤thermal‍ paper rolls for reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly printing. Get yours today and experience the difference!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing ​customer reviews for⁢ the ⁣3 1/8″ ‍x 230′ Recycled BPA Free Thermal ⁣Paper (50 rolls), we found that the majority of customers are satisfied with⁢ the product. Here are ⁣some key takeaways:

Review Summary
One of‌ the cheapest per⁤ count⁢ among all same size thermal paper rolls.⁤ Quality is still ‌good, not as thick ⁢but hey, no one is going to⁤ keep the receipt forever. Customers appreciate the affordability of this product and⁤ are‌ satisfied with the quality⁤ despite it being​ slightly⁤ thinner.
Works with our POS system without issue. Customers have found that this thermal paper works seamlessly‍ with their POS systems, ensuring smooth transactions.
I buy this often, always a ‌quality product. Repeated customers ⁤praise the ⁣consistent quality of this eco-friendly thermal paper.

Overall, customers ⁤seem to be pleased with the cost-effectiveness, compatibility with POS systems, and the⁢ quality⁤ of the 3⁢ 1/8″ ​x 230′ Recycled BPA Free Thermal Paper. It’s a ⁢reliable option for⁢ businesses looking ‍for an eco-friendly thermal paper solution.

Pros &​ Cons

Pros & Cons


Made⁣ from 70% post-consumer content
Recycled thermal paper
Red warning stripe⁤ at end of rolls
Compatible with a wide range of ​POS thermal ⁣printers


May not⁣ fit all printer models
Some users may prefer ⁣non-recycled‌ paper
Roll ‌length may be shorter than some ⁣other options
Outer core diameter ​may not fit all printer spindles


Q: Is this thermal paper eco-friendly?
A: Yes, this thermal paper is made​ from 70% post-consumer content,‌ making it a great choice for those ⁢looking to ⁤reduce their environmental impact.

Q: How ‍many rolls come in a case?
A: ⁤There ​are 50 rolls per case, each measuring‌ 3 1/8″ x 230′.

Q: What are ⁣the dimensions of ⁢each roll?
A: Each roll‍ has a width of 3​ 1/8 inches, a diameter of 2.85 inches, and a length of 230 feet.

Q: What​ kind of printers is this⁣ thermal paper compatible with?
A: This thermal paper is compatible with a wide range‌ of POS thermal printers, including models such ‍as the SRP-350, ‌TM-T88, and CT-S300.

Q: Does this thermal paper have a warning stripe at the end⁤ of the⁢ roll?
A: Yes, there is​ a ⁢red ‍warning stripe ​at the end of ‍each roll to indicate⁣ when the paper is running low.

Q: Is⁤ this thermal paper BPA-free?
A: Yes, this thermal paper is BPA-free, making it a ⁣safe​ and reliable‍ option for your printing needs. ⁤

Ignite Your Passion

As we come to the end⁤ of our​ review of ​the Eco-Friendly Thermal Paper ⁢Rolls, we hope you found our insights helpful in making your ⁤decision. ⁤With its ⁢high-quality recycled materials and compatibility with a wide range of POS thermal printers, this product is a great ⁢choice for businesses looking to ​reduce their environmental impact.

If you’re ready ⁢to make⁣ the switch to⁢ BPA-free thermal paper ⁣that doesn’t compromise on quality, click the link below to get your hands on the⁢ 3 1/8″ ⁤x 230′ Recycled BPA Free Thermal Paper (50 ​rolls) today:

Get the Eco-Friendly ‍Thermal Paper Rolls Now!

Thank you for ⁣reading and happy printing!

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