Unveiling the 2012 National Teacher Qualification Exam Textbook: Education Knowledge & Skills in High School

Unveiling the 2012 National Teacher Qualification Exam Textbook: Education Knowledge & Skills in High School

Have you been searching for the perfect study material to help you⁢ prepare⁢ for the National Teacher Qualification Exam in China?⁤ Look no further⁢ than the⁤ “中公版•2012国家教师资格考试专用教材:教育知识与能力中学”. This specialized textbook is packed⁣ with valuable ​information and exercises to help ⁢you master the education knowledge and skills ‌required‌ for the ⁢exam. In our review, we’ll take a closer look at the content, ​format, and overall effectiveness of this study material.⁤ Join us as‌ we dive into our first-hand experience with this essential⁤ resource for aspiring educators.

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In​ our ‌review of this specific study ‍material, we found it to be a valuable‌ resource for ⁣those preparing for the National Teacher Qualification Examination in China. The publisher, 世界图书出版公司, has provided⁢ a comprehensive guide to help test-takers master the ‍necessary educational knowledge ⁣and ‍skills⁤ required for the exam. The book is ‍written entirely in Chinese, making it ideal for those who are fluent in the language and seeking a focused study aid.

The ASIN for this product ⁤is B007VXPAKO and⁢ it was published on January 1, 2000​ by 世界图书出版公司. With an ISBN-10 of 7510044820‌ and an‌ ISBN-13 of ⁢978-7510044823, this study material weighs ⁢14.9 ounces, making it a portable option for⁢ studying on the go. Overall, we recommend this book for ‌anyone ​looking‍ to enhance their understanding of educational⁢ concepts and prepare ⁢effectively for the National​ Teacher Qualification Examination.⁣ Take a closer look at the product here.

Unique Features and Benefits

When it comes to , this study material truly stands out. One standout feature is the rich content ⁣covering a ​wide ‌range of educational knowledge and skills required ⁢for⁣ the‌ national teacher qualification ‍exam. From teaching theories ‌to classroom management techniques, this book⁢ offers comprehensive coverage that ensures you are well-prepared for the exam.

Furthermore, the convenient format of the material makes studying a breeze. With clear, concise explanations and helpful examples,⁢ you can easily grasp complex concepts. The book’s⁣ structured layout​ also allows for⁢ easy navigation, making ‍it simple to find the information you need quickly ⁤and efficiently. Overall, the of this study material ⁢make ⁣it⁤ a valuable resource for ⁤anyone preparing for the national teacher qualification exam.

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In-Depth Analysis

Upon‌ conducting an⁣ of this specialized ‍teaching⁤ material for the National ‍Teacher Qualification Examination, we found⁢ it to be a comprehensive resource covering various aspects⁣ of educational knowledge⁣ and ​abilities​ relevant to​ middle school education.

<p>The publication, published by 世界图书出版公司, is designed to assist educators in preparing for the examination with a focus on topics such as curriculum development, classroom management, and educational psychology. The book's ISBN-10 is 7510044820 and ISBN-13 is 978-7510044823, making it easily identifiable for readers seeking this specific reference material.</p>

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<td>Item Weight</td>
<td>14.9 ounces</td>

<div style="text-align:center;">
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When it comes to preparing for⁢ the National Teacher Qualification Exam, ​having the right study materials is crucial. That’s why we‍ highly recommend the “中公版•2012国家教师资格考试专用教材:教育知识与能力中学”. This book, published ⁤by 世界图书出版公司, is a comprehensive guide⁤ packed with valuable information to help you ⁢succeed. With a language in Chinese, ⁣it covers all the essential ​topics​ you need to ‌know, from education knowledge to capacity-building for middle school teachers.

One of the ‌standout features of this book is its ISBN numbers:⁤ ISBN-10: 7510044820 and ‌ISBN-13: 978-7510044823. ‌These unique identifiers make it easy to find and purchase the ⁤correct edition, ‍ensuring you have⁤ the most up-to-date information at your‌ fingertips. ‍Despite ⁢its thorough content, the book remains lightweight at just 14.9 ounces,⁣ making it easy to carry ⁤around and study on the go. Don’t‍ miss out on this valuable ‌resource – get your copy ⁢today and take the first step towards passing the exam with flying ​colors!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing ⁤the customer reviews for the “中公版•2012国家教师资格考试专用教材:教育知识与能力中学”, we have gathered valuable insights from users who have used this textbook for the ⁤National ​Teacher Qualification Exam. Here is a ​summary of our findings:

Positive Reviews

Review Rating
Helped me pass the exam on my first try ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Easy to‌ understand and ⁤comprehensive ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Many⁤ users praised the textbook for its ⁤effectiveness in​ helping⁤ them pass the National Teacher Qualification Exam. They found the‌ content to‌ be⁤ easy⁣ to understand and comprehensive, making⁢ it an essential resource for their exam preparation.

Negative Reviews

Review Rating
Some topics ‌could be⁢ more detailed ⭐⭐⭐
Layout could ​be more user-friendly ⭐⭐

On the flip side, some users felt that certain topics in the textbook could be‌ more detailed. They also mentioned ‍that the layout​ of the book could be more⁣ user-friendly, which made studying from it a bit ‌challenging at ​times.

Overall, the “中公版•2012国家教师资格考试专用教材:教育知识与能力中学” has received positive ​feedback from users who found it to be a⁤ valuable resource for ‌their exam preparation. Despite some minor ⁢drawbacks, this textbook has proven​ to be a useful tool for aspiring teachers looking to​ succeed in the National⁤ Teacher Qualification Exam.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 National Teacher Qualification Exam‍ Textbook


  • Comprehensive ‍coverage of⁣ education knowledge and skills
  • Written⁤ specifically for ⁣the National Teacher​ Qualification Exam
  • Publisher with ‌a reputable background in ‌educational materials
  • Clear and concise⁣ explanations of key concepts
  • Helpful practice questions to test understanding


  • Only available in‌ Chinese language
  • Does not‍ include updated information for more⁣ recent exams
  • Slightly heavier weight compared to other study materials

Overall, ‍the⁣ 2012 National​ Teacher Qualification Exam Textbook is a valuable resource for ⁢studying education knowledge and skills ‌specifically for⁢ the ⁢exam. While it has some limitations, it offers a thorough and structured approach ‍to preparing for the​ test.


Q: What makes this textbook ​stand out from other study materials for the National Teacher Qualification Exam?

A: One thing that sets⁣ this ⁤textbook apart is its comprehensive coverage of education knowledge and skills specifically⁣ tailored for high school‌ level teaching. It delves deep into the key concepts and practical skills needed to excel in the⁣ exam, making it a valuable resource for aspiring teachers.

Q: Is the content of the​ textbook easy to understand?

A: Despite the complex subject matter, the​ textbook presents ​the information in ⁢a clear ​and coherent manner,‍ making ⁤it accessible even for ⁣those‍ new to the field of education. The language used is straightforward and easy ‌to follow, helping readers grasp the key concepts effectively.

Q: Does the textbook come with practice questions and exercises to test comprehension?

A: Yes,⁢ the ​textbook includes ‌a variety ⁤of‌ practice questions ​and exercises at the end of each chapter to⁢ help​ reinforce learning‌ and test comprehension. These ⁣additional ‍resources are ⁤invaluable ⁤for self-assessment and exam​ preparation.

Q: How up-to-date is the content in the textbook, considering it ⁤was ‌published‍ in 2012?

A: While the textbook was published in⁤ 2012, the core concepts and principles of education knowledge and skills remain relevant today. However, it’s always a good idea to supplement your‌ studies with more recent⁣ materials to ensure you are fully prepared for the exam.

Q: Is this ​textbook suitable for self-study or is‍ it better used in conjunction ‌with a study ‍course?

A: This ‍textbook can be used for both ⁤self-study and in conjunction with a study course. It provides a solid foundation ⁣of education knowledge and skills ​for the ​exam, but combining​ it with additional⁤ study materials or resources can further enhance your preparation.⁣

Unlock Your Potential

As we come​ to the end ⁣of our review on the “Unveiling the 2012 National Teacher Qualification Exam Textbook: Education Knowledge & Skills‌ in⁣ High School,”‌ we hope that our ‌insights have been ⁤helpful⁢ in guiding you towards ‍making an informed decision.‌ This comprehensive textbook is a valuable resource for anyone preparing for the ‌national teacher⁣ qualification exam, ​offering a deep ⁣dive into the core⁤ educational knowledge and skills needed in a high school⁣ setting.

If​ you are ready to take your exam preparation to ⁣the next level, we highly recommend checking⁤ out this ⁢textbook for ‌yourself. You can find more ​information and purchase it on Amazon by clicking the link ‌below:

Get your hands on the “Unveiling the⁣ 2012 National⁤ Teacher Qualification⁣ Exam Textbook” now!

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the world of educational​ resources, and⁣ we wish​ you the ⁣best of⁤ luck in‍ your exam preparation!

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