Adventure Awaits: Review of Timber Ridge 5-Person SUV Tent for Subaru Crosstrek

Adventure Awaits: Review of Timber Ridge 5-Person SUV Tent for Subaru Crosstrek

As outdoor enthusiasts,⁢ we are always on the lookout for ​innovative and convenient camping gear to enhance our​ adventures. That’s why we were thrilled to try‍ out the TIMBER ‌RIDGE 5 ‍Person ⁢SUV Tent with Movie Screen. This weather-resistant⁤ tent is not your average camping ⁤shelter – it seamlessly connects to your SUV, providing extra sleeping and storage space while⁢ keeping you ⁢protected from the elements. With a ‍spacious ​interior,⁢ movie screen, and excellent ventilation, this tent truly exceeded our expectations. ⁣Join us ‍as we dive into‌ our firsthand experience with this portable and versatile⁣ camping essential.

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Our TIMBER RIDGE 5 Person SUV Tent ⁢is a game-changer for camping enthusiasts. The seamless ⁢connection to ⁣your​ trunk provides extra storage and sleeping⁣ space, with the‌ added bonus of easy access to power outlets inside your vehicle without getting wet during rainy days. The⁢ spacious 10′ x 8′ tent boasts a remarkable height of 7.1′, ​allowing you to stand comfortably inside and enjoy the⁢ openness of high ⁣ceilings. It’s perfect for families, offering room for up to 5 people‍ to sleep​ comfortably. Plus, the included movie screen adds a ​fun ‍element to your camping experience, allowing ⁤you to enjoy a​ movie night under the stars.

When it comes to weather resistance ‌and ventilation, this SUV tent doesn’t disappoint. The PU2000⁤ waterproof coating and durable polyester taffeta cloth shield you from the elements, while the large door, top mesh skylight, and 2 mesh windows provide‍ excellent ventilation. ‍You can ⁢even ‌stargaze from the comfort of your tent. With easy fitment on various vehicles like SUVs, minivans, and even pick-up​ trucks⁤ with bed caps, this versatile ⁤tent is a must-have for your‍ next outdoor ⁤adventure. Don’t miss out on ⁤the ultimate camping experience – check out our TIMBER RIDGE 5 Person SUV ⁢Tent now! Check it out on Amazon.

Feature Highlights

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One of the standout features of this SUV tent is its seamless connection to‌ the trunk of your vehicle, providing extra sleeping and ‌storage space while keeping you dry during rainy weather.⁢ With a spacious 10′ x 8′ interior and over 7.1′ ⁢of​ height, this tent comfortably​ sleeps up to 5 people and allows you to stand up inside without any restrictions. Additionally, the inclusion ⁤of 2 ‍mesh‌ bags for storage helps‌ keep the interior organized and clutter-free.

<p>Another unique highlight of this tent is the extra movie screen that allows you to enjoy entertainment while camping with your family. The weather-resistant design, featuring a PU2000 waterproof coating and durable polyester taffeta cloth, ensures that you stay protected from the elements. Furthermore, the tent offers optimal ventilation with 1 large door, a top mesh skylight, and 2 mesh windows, allowing you to enjoy stargazing from the comfort of your SUV tent.</p>

Product Feature Benefits
Seamless trunk connection Extra sleeping and storage space
Spacious interior Comfortably sleeps 5 people and allows standing room
Weather-resistant design Protection from‍ the elements
Additional movie screen Entertainment for family camping trips
Optimal ventilation Enjoy stargazing from inside the ​tent

Detailed Insights

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Our experience with⁣ the TIMBER RIDGE 5 Person SUV Tent with Movie Screen was nothing short of impressive.⁢ The seamless connection to‌ our SUV trunk provided us with extra sleeping and​ storage space, making camping a breeze. The weather-resistant design kept us dry during rainy nights, while the extra movie screen added a fun touch​ to our outdoor movie nights. The spacious interior easily accommodated our family ⁢of five, with ample ​room to move ​around and store our belongings in the mesh bags provided. Ventilation was optimal, thanks to the ⁣large door, mesh skylight, and windows that allowed us ⁤to enjoy the fresh air while staying ​protected from the elements.

One standout feature of this SUV tent is its versatility. Whether‍ installed on hatchbacks, SUVs, minivans, or even pickup trucks​ with bed caps, this tent⁣ can ⁣adapt to various​ vehicle types. The polyester taffeta ​material ⁤and PU2000 waterproof coating ensured ​durability and protection from the weather. With a convenient storage bag ‌included, transporting ⁤and setting up the tent was a breeze.⁢ Overall, we highly recommend the TIMBER RIDGE SUV Tent for its spacious⁤ design, weather resistance, ​and added features like the‍ movie screen for a memorable camping experience. Explore this⁣ versatile and practical tent for‍ your next outdoor adventure by clicking here.


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We highly recommend the TIMBER RIDGE 5 Person SUV tent for⁤ anyone looking to enhance their camping experience. The​ seamless connection to your vehicle provides extra sleeping and‍ storage ⁤space, while ⁣also allowing easy access to power outlets for charging devices. The spacious interior accommodates up to 5 people comfortably, with a generous height that allows for standing and easy movement within the tent. The addition​ of a movie screen adds a fun ⁣entertainment option for cozy nights under the stars.

One ​of the standout features of this tent is ‌its weather resistance and ventilation. The PU2000 waterproof coating and ⁣durable⁤ polyester taffeta cloth ensure you stay ⁢dry and protected from the ‌elements, while the mesh windows‌ and skylight offer optimal⁤ ventilation for a comfortable camping experience. Whether ​you’re camping with⁢ family or friends,⁣ this tent is versatile and ‌easy to set up on various vehicle types. Don’t miss ‍out on ⁢the opportunity to elevate ⁤your camping adventures with the TIMBER RIDGE SUV tent ‌– click here⁢ to purchase! Shop Now.

Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ⁤reviewing customer feedback for the Timber Ridge 5 Person SUV Tent with Movie ‌Screen, we found a variety of opinions‍ from satisfied campers. Here⁢ are some highlights from the reviews:

Review Summary Rating
Sturdy and Spacious: Customers appreciate the durability and roominess of the tent, making it suitable for families. 4.5/5
Easy Assembly: While‍ some initially struggled ‍with the setup, most found it intuitive once they understood the ⁤process. 4/5
Quality Materials: Many users praised the overall‌ quality and design of the tent, ‌as well as its weather ⁣resistance. 4.6/5
Unique Features: The inclusion of a rainfly and storage bag, along with the ability​ to detach the tent from⁢ the vehicle, were highlighted as standout features. 4.2/5

While most customers were satisfied with their purchase, a ⁢few encountered issues such as unclear instructions and missing ⁤components. Despite these challenges, the majority of reviewers were impressed⁣ by the tent’s performance and versatility. As always, ⁢we recommend ‍thorough research and preparation before using ⁣any new ‌camping equipment.

Pros⁤ & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Seamless Connection: Connects securely to⁣ your SUV trunk for extra sleeping and storage space.
2. Spacious: 10′ x 8′ tent with⁤ over 7.1′ height allows ‌for standing room and ample storage.
3. Movie Screen: Enjoy movies in the tent with⁤ the extra movie screen for entertainment.
4. Weather Resistant: PU2000 waterproof coating protects from the ​elements.
5. Ventilation: Mesh⁢ windows and skylight offer optimal ventilation⁤ for a comfortable⁣ stay.


1. Fitment Note: Check trunk‍ dimensions before purchasing to ​ensure proper fitment.
2. Limited Usage: Primarily designed for⁢ SUVs, may ⁢not work with⁣ all vehicle types.
3. Storage‍ Bag Length: Storage bag‌ length⁣ may‌ be long⁣ and cumbersome to carry or store.


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Q: Can the Timber Ridge 5-Person SUV Tent⁢ be set up by one person or does it require multiple people?

A: The ⁢tent can be set up by⁤ one person, but having an extra pair ‌of hands can make the⁢ process⁣ quicker and easier.

Q: How does the movie screen feature work in the tent?

A: The tent‌ comes with an ​extra movie‌ screen that can be easily set up⁣ inside the tent. Simply attach it to the designated ‌area ​and enjoy watching movies​ or videos in the comfort of your camping space.

Q: Is the tent suitable for all types of weather conditions?

A: Yes, the Timber Ridge SUV Tent is weather-resistant⁢ with a PU2000 waterproof ​coating and durable polyester taffeta cloth to protect you from the elements. It is designed ‌to withstand various weather conditions.

Q: Can the tent be​ used on different types of vehicles?

A: The tent is designed to fit hatchbacks such as CUVs, SUVs, minivans, Jeep Wrangler Hard ‍Top, or⁢ Pick-up Trucks ⁤with‍ Bed Caps.​ It‌ can also ⁢be used as ⁤a stand-alone tent ‌if removed from the vehicle.

Q: What are‍ the dimensions of the tent when packed in ⁢the storage ⁤bag?

A: The storage ‌bag for the ⁤tent is 31 inches in length, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

We hope‌ these answers help you decide if the Timber Ridge 5-Person SUV ‍Tent is the right ‌choice for your camping adventures!

Achieve New Heights

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As we wrap up our adventure-filled review of the‍ Timber Ridge ‌5-Person SUV Tent with ​Movie Screen, we can confidently say that ‌this versatile tent is the perfect companion for your ‌outdoor⁣ escapades. With its seamless connection ​to your SUV, spacious ⁣interior, extra movie screen, ⁤weather-resistant design, and ‍optimal ventilation, this tent truly has it all. So⁤ why wait?‍ Grab ‌your own Timber Ridge SUV Tent now and start planning your next camping trip with family and friends. Click⁤ here to purchase this amazing product: Purchase Now. Adventure awaits!

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