Unleash Your Creativity with The Hamilco White Cardstock Cards!

Unleash Your Creativity with The Hamilco White Cardstock Cards!

If ‍you’re​ looking for the perfect blank⁣ cards ⁤for ​your upcoming event or special occasion, look no ⁢further than the Hamilco Blank Tent Name Place Table Cards! ‍We recently had the opportunity to try out the Hamilco 3 1/2″ x 11″ Folded Card Stock – White Cardstock Paper 80lb ‌Cover – 100⁢ Pack, and we were thoroughly impressed. From the thick and durable cardstock construction to the ​ease of folding⁢ and compatibility with all printers, these cards are⁢ a must-have⁣ for all your​ card-making needs.⁤ Whether you’re planning a birthday party, office event, or holiday ​gathering,⁢ these versatile cards are sure⁣ to⁤ come in handy. Plus, with a 30-day refund policy, you ⁣can shop with​ confidence. Don’t hesitate – add the ⁣Hamilco‌ Blank Tent Name Place Table Cards to your cart today and get ready to create stunning ‌cards for any occasion!

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When it comes to high-quality‍ cardstock cards, the Hamilco Blank Tent Name⁣ Place‍ Table ‌Cards are ⁢the ⁢way​ to go. Made from durable 80lb cardstock, these cards are thicker ⁣and more⁤ durable compared to others on the market. The scored design⁤ makes them easy to fold, ‌and ​they are compatible with all printers, including laser,⁤ copier, ​and inkjet machines. With a 100-pack, you’ll‌ have more than enough cards for any special occasion.

These versatile cards are ​perfect for a variety of uses, including birthdays, weddings, office memos, holiday cards, greetings, and ⁤more. The ​vibrant ⁤prints will make your cards stand⁣ out, and the elite box ⁢packaging ensures that ​your cardstock arrives undamaged. ⁣Plus, with a 30-day⁤ unconditional‍ refund policy, you ​can shop with ‌confidence. Don’t hesitate,​ add the Hamilco⁤ Blank Tent Name‍ Place ​Table Cards to your ‌cart today and start creating your own​ personalized⁤ cards!

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Premium Quality Card Stock for Elegant​ Name Place Cards

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The Hamilco⁣ Multipurpose 3 1/2″⁢ x 11″ Folded White Cardstock Cards 100-Pack⁣ is a​ game-changer for all your card printing needs. The⁣ 80lb (216gsm)​ cardstock construction⁤ ensures that these cards‍ are thicker and ⁤more durable than others on the market.‌ Say goodbye to struggling with folding, ⁤as‍ each sheet ⁢is pre-scored for your convenience. ​Compatible with⁣ all ⁢printers, including laser, copier, or inkjet ⁤machines, these ⁤cards are a⁤ cost-effective solution that will cover​ all your needs ⁢for longer. The ample 11″⁤ x 7″ size of these​ blank cards offers you plenty ⁤of space to craft your message, making them perfect for a variety of occasions.

Our Hamilco blank tent name place table cards are not⁢ only ⁢perfect ‍for special events like birthday parties, weddings, or office memos, but​ they are also versatile enough for everyday⁤ use. With vibrant prints that are compatible with multiple card printers, you can trust⁣ that your designs will come out⁣ looking professional and beautiful. Packaged ‌in a sturdy box to ensure they arrive undamaged,​ these cards are the ultimate choice for tent cards, place cards, greetings, invitations, and much more. Don’t miss out on⁢ the opportunity to create your own ⁣customized cards – click “Add ⁣to Cart” ‌now and enjoy a risk-free experience with our 30-Day ​unconditional Refund Policy.

Versatile and⁢ Functional Design for Various Events

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When it ‌comes ⁣to hosting various events, ​having versatile and functional⁤ design elements is key. That’s why we ⁣love the ⁢Hamilco Blank Tent Name Place‍ Table ⁢Cards! These cards are made of thick ⁢and durable 80lb‍ cardstock, making‍ them perfect for any occasion. Plus, they are easy ⁤to fold thanks to the pre-scored lines, saving you time ⁣and hassle.

Not only are these⁤ cards compatible ‍with all printers, including laser, copier, and inkjet machines, but they are⁢ also perfect for a wide ⁣range of‍ events. From birthday parties to office ⁢memos, these cards have you covered. And with a 100-pack,⁤ you’ll ⁢have more ⁤than ⁤enough to last you ‌for ​many ⁢events ​to ⁢come. ​Don’t hesitate, ⁤click “Add to Cart” now and‍ start creating your own customized cards⁣ for your next ⁢gathering!

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

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We have thoroughly enjoyed using the Hamilco Blank Tent Name Place Table Cards for ⁣our special occasions. The 80lb‌ cover cardstock construction ⁢makes these cards thicker and⁣ more durable, ensuring that they hold up well throughout the ​event. Plus,⁢ the fact that each sheet is scored makes folding ⁢them a breeze, saving us time⁣ and effort.

These⁤ versatile cards are compatible with all ⁢types of‍ printers, making customization a cinch. Whether we’re hosting a birthday party, sending out holiday‍ cards, or simply need to jot down a quick memo, these blank cards have proven ‌to be​ the perfect choice. With a 100-pack⁢ at our ‌disposal, we’ve found them to be cost-effective​ and‌ reliable‌ for all our needs. If you’re​ looking for high-quality, multipurpose cards that⁤ deliver vibrant prints every time, we highly recommend giving the ‍Hamilco Blank Tent Name‌ Place‌ Table Cards a‌ try!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁤ Reviews ⁢Analysis

Let’s take a look at what customers are saying about ‌the Hamilco Blank Tent ⁤Name Place Table Cards:

Serving dish identification.

I used ⁤these‌ cards for​ table ⁤numbers at a function. Instead of using⁤ a printer, I used a black sharpie ⁣and hand wrote​ the numbers. No bleeding of ink and dried quickly. The cards are very easy to fold and stay put well. Very ⁤pleased with this‍ product.

Lots of‌ space to‌ write names

They⁤ are⁤ nice and ‍large ⁤with lots of space to write names. Big names can be seen⁣ from 20 ​feet away‌ and more. Great quality name tags!

Sturdy paper tents

Sturdy ‌paper tents but some customers wished the fold was scored better as it was too easy to get a ⁢lopsided result.

Perfect for meetings

These name ⁢place cards are perfect​ for meetings, as one customer shared ‌their experience of using them for the Texas Assembly of the Brotherhood of St Andrew. The size is perfect ⁣and⁣ allows for easy communication during meetings.

Printer ⁢issues

Some customers mentioned that the product‍ comes with no instructions, no⁢ templates, and⁣ jams in⁢ the printer with‌ every try. This is⁢ something to consider if you plan on ‌using a printer for customization.

Pros &⁤ Cons

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Pros & Cons


Thick, durable 80lb cardstock construction
Scored for easier folding
Compatible⁣ with all printers
Cost-effective 100-pack
Perfect size for various occasions
Backed by a 30-day refund‌ policy
Ideal for ‌a variety of uses


May be too ‌thick for some printers
Large size may not be suitable for ​all projects

Overall, the⁢ Hamilco ‍White Cardstock Cards offer a thick, durable option for creating professional-looking cards​ for various ⁤occasions. While they may be ⁣too ‌thick for some printers ‌and the size may not be suitable for all ​projects, the convenience of scoring for easy folding and compatibility with all printers make them ⁤a versatile choice for card-making needs.


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Q: Can these cards be used ​for printing invitations?
A: Absolutely! Our Hamilco​ blank tent name place ⁣cards⁤ are compatible with all printers, including‌ laser,⁣ copier, and inkjet machines. You can easily print invitations or any⁢ other design on these⁤ cards for a professional look.

Q:‌ Are these cards easy to fold?
A: Yes, every single sheet ‌is scored‍ for‌ your‌ convenience, making‍ it easier for you to fold the⁤ cards without any hassle.

Q: What occasions are these‌ cards ⁣suitable for?
A: Our⁢ Hamilco white cardstock cards are perfect for a variety of occasions, including birthday parties, weddings, ‍office memos, anniversaries, holiday cards, and ‍more. Their versatility makes‌ them ‍ideal for⁣ any special event or celebration.

Q: Is the cardstock ‍paper of good quality?
A: Yes, our white cardstock paper is ⁢thick ⁤and durable, with an⁣ 80lb cover⁣ and ‍216gsm construction.‌ It is heavy​ enough ⁤to create sturdy cards that will impress your guests or recipients.

Q: What is the size of these cards?
A: The ⁤dimensions of ‌our blank tent name ⁣place cards are 11″ x 7″ when opened and 3 1/2″ x 11″ when ​folded. This ​size offers ⁣you enough space ‌to ⁢write your message or design‍ and make your cards stand ​out.

Q: Can I return the product if I’m not satisfied?
A: ⁣Yes, ⁣we ⁣offer a 30-day unconditional​ refund policy, so⁤ you can enjoy​ a risk-free experience with our Hamilco⁢ white cardstock cards. Your satisfaction ​is our top priority.

We hope⁢ these Q&A’s⁤ have helped address any concerns you may have about our Hamilco white cardstock cards. If you have any more ⁢questions, feel ⁢free to reach out ⁣to⁣ us. Create your own cards​ and unleash your creativity with⁢ the Hamilco cards ⁤today!

Experience the Difference

In conclusion, the Hamilco White Cardstock Cards are a versatile and high-quality option​ for all your card-making needs. ​Whether you’re planning a special event,⁣ sending​ out personal⁤ greetings, or ‌creating professional announcements,‌ these blank cards are⁣ sure to impress. With⁢ their durability, ease of use, and compatibility with⁣ all printers, you⁢ can unleash your‍ creativity and make your designs come to life.

Don’t wait any longer to get your hands on this amazing product!⁤ Click the ⁢link below to purchase ⁣your ‍own Hamilco Blank Tent Name Place Table Cards 3 1/2″ x 11″ Folded Card Stock – White Cardstock ‌Paper 80lb⁤ Cover – 100 Pack now on Amazon:

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Create‌ something beautiful today with the Hamilco White Cardstock Cards!

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